Digital Economy Strategy – State Government

The State Government has started the process of moving to Web 2.0 technology with establishment of the Community Engagement and E-Democracy Taskforce. The taskforce presented its findings in April 2010 and work is being carried out to produce a suite of e-democracy initiatives and tools for the SA Government to use. Active work on these tools is progressing rapidly.In addition, the Chief Executive of the Department of Premier and Cabinet has agreed to chair a cross-government digital economy strategy group, to be convened by mid-2010. 

Digital Economy Strategy – Local Government

Prospect City Council and Eastern Region Alliance of Councils (ERA) launched a digital economy strategy March 2010.  City of Prospect has marched ahead of the National Broadband Network and is currently rolling out its own optical fibre to service its library, Civic Centre and Depot. The route of the fibre bundle has been strategically planned to roll past two local primary schools and a main retail shopping street precinct to encourage further take up of the fibre by local schools and businesses.  A core project of the released digital strategy is to support local small businesses in understanding how to trade over the internet.

Riverland Virtual Hub

A community forum was held in the Riverland in May 2010 to develop a virtual hub, which will be established in consultation with the Riverland community and up and running by end 2010. The hub was a recommendation of the ‘Youth A-Team’ – a group of young people who worked with Genevieve Bell in the region.