Value chain thinking will help South Australian food business and primary industry be more successful.

PIRSA Value Chain Development Unit

The Department of Primary Industries and Resources SA (PIRSA) has established a Value Chain Development Unit to drive the uptake of value chain thinking and management through the agrifood and wine sectors in South Australia. The key strategies of the Unit are to change thinking from a production focus to a consumer focus within industry and across supporting government agencies, to develop an information hub with up to date global information sources and to develop and deliver educational and capability development programs.

The Value Chain Development Unit website offers a Value Chain Toolkit, examples of industry projects, a value chain toolkit, market intelligence, and consumer research.

A video presented by Andrew about value chains has been produced, distributed and is being translated into Vietnamese and Indonesian.

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Value Chains University Course

The University of South Australia has introduced course BUSS 5327 Managing Sustainable Value Chains as part of the Masters Program at the School of Management.   

Food Connect Adelaide

Food Connect Adelaide was established using Andrew Fearne’s report as a guide for its foundation. This socially and environmentally progressive organisation is dedicated to connecting consumers with local farmers through the mechanism of a fairer and fresher approach to food production and delivery. The organisation is actively working on practical solutions to overcome serious problems in current mainstream food distribution networks.