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Prospecting the future:
a science of the imagination

Thursday 7 March 2013
6.30pm until 8.45pm
Riverbank Room
Adelaide Convention Centre

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Professor Martin Seligman, along with colleagues Prof Peter Railton (University of Michigan),Professor Chandra Sripada (University of Michigan) and Professor Roy Baumeister (Florida State University), will be in Adelaide in March to present an exclusive panel event on ‘prospecting', an exciting new field blending psychology, neuroscience and philosophy.

Historically, psychologists have often thought of people as prisoners of the past. Prospecting looks at how people can become future minded rather than live their lives controlled by the past. Part of breaking the shackles of the past is the development of serious science and pedagogy that looks at how people evaluate possible futures.

This is an opportunity not to be missed. You could be one of the first in the world to hear from four of the world's leading minds about this new field of inquiry.


Martin Seligman Final Lecture
Wellbeing and Resilience: Building a flourishing state

Tuesday 19 February 2013
6pm until 7.30pm
Adelaide Entertainment Centre (Theatre)
Port Road, Hindmarsh

The video for this event will be available soon.

Prof Martin Seligman's final lecture will showcase his recommendations for South Australia, as it aims to become the world's first 'flourishing state'.

Martin's residency sets out to determine whether South Australia can use positive psychology to reduce mental illness and improve the health, resilience and wellbeing of our young people. 

Martin is excited about the possibility of an entire state taking wellbeing seriously, and what has emerged from his residency is a powerful idea: a proposition to psychologically immunise the young people of South Australia against mental illness.

Don't miss the last chance to hear Martin Seligman speak as Adelaide Thinker in Residence.


Creating Productive and Healthy Organisations
A presentation and panel event with Martin Seligman and Thérèse Rein

Tuesday 5 February
3pm - 5pm
Bonython Hall
University of Adelaide (North Terrace Campus) 

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$30 IPAA members

The video for this event will available soon.

As part of Prof Martin Seligman's final visit as Adelaide Thinker in Residence he will present and contribute to a panel in response to the question; "Can the science of positive psychology contribute to productive and positive workplaces?" Thérèse Rein will draw on her extensive experience of implementing positive psychology across her global business to enable both clients and employees to reach their potential.

This panel discussion will be especially tailored towards the public sector and human resource personnel from large organisations.


Positive education, positive futures

Monday 11 February 2013
Mt Barker High School
7pm start

The video for this event will available soon.

Mount Barker High School is delighted to host a public talk by Adelaide Thinker in Residence, Professor Martin Seligman.

Martin Seligman's definition of wellbeing is underpinned by five key areas, abbreviated as PERMA - Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. Martin believes the skills of wellbeing are teachable, and his lecture will provide insight as to how we can improve these elements for ourselves and our children every day.

As Adelaide Thinker in Residence, Professor Seligman is tackling the bold concept of using positive psychology to reduce mental illness and improve the health, resilience and wellbeing of our young people. Mount Barker High School has been selected to explore how a school can work with its surrounding community to apply Dr Seligman' ideas across the entire school to improve the wellbeing of its students, staff and broader community.

This is an exciting, not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear from the world's leading mind in positive psychology.

A unique conversation about mental wellbeing

Wednesday 13 February
Memorial Hall
St Peter's College
6.50pm for a 7pm start

The video for this event will be available on the St Peters College website soon.

Deservedly, mental wellbeing is increasingly recognised as fundamental to the overall performance of both children and adults. The conversation in St Peter's College Memorial Hall will be thought provoking and timely as it taps into the minds of three highly influential thinkers in a critical area of mental wellbeing.

This exciting event features:

  • Professor Martin Seligman, Adelaide Thinker in Residence
  • Professor Patrick McGorry, Prof of Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Jane Burns, CEO, Young & Well CRC
  • Mr Simon Murray, Headmaster, St Peter's College

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For more information on the school's Wellbeing and Positive Education work, visit the St Peter's College website.


Past Events

Martin Seligman Inaugural Lecture
Positive Psychology for a flourishing state

Wednesday 8 February 2012
Adelaide Festival Theatre


Positive Education
Using the science of positive psychology to provide an education that
brings out the best in all 

Tuesday 14 February 2012
St Peter's College, Adelaide




The Science of Wellbeing
More than the absence of illness

A one-day conference exploring the role of Positive Psychology in promoting mental and physical health.

Friday 24 February 2012
Hilton Adelaide Hotel
South Australia

View the video of Martin Seligman's keynote presentation.

A summary of of the day's presentations, and some of the powerpoints presented on the day are available here.

Wellbeing before Learning
Flourishing students, successful schools

This full day conference will explore theoretical and practical approaches to embed positive psychology into schools and early childhood services.

Monday 27 February 2012
Adelaide Convention Centre
South Australia

View the video of Martin Seligman's keynote presentation.