The Science of Wellbeing

The Science of Wellbeing

More than the absence of illness

Friday 24 Feb 2012
Hilton Adelaide, Victoria Square
South Australia

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Keynote speaker:
Dr Martin Seligman, Adelaide Thinker in Residence



Surveying Mental Health

The construct of Wellbeing: towards a greater understanding Elspeth Stephenson

Prevalence of Mental Health in Australian Youth Dr Anthony Venning

Positive Communities in SA

Positive Communities and the new SA Public Health Act 2011 Danny Broderick

Flourishing Lives: a comparison of the factors contributing to health in four suburbs in Adelaide Dr Kathryn Browne-Yung

"For me, coping is getting things done." High school students from refugee backgrounds discuss resilience and coping Mike Oliver

Workplace System Change

Changing the paradigm from Occupational Safety to Workplace Health in SA Health Kate Thomson

The role of leaders and colleagues in positive workplaces - it's more than the absence of harm Tracy Zilm

Stressed Spaces: an observational ethnographic study of a purpose built mental health unit Dr Kathleen Connellan

Pre and Post-Natal Resilience

The earliest intervention for mental health - 'Caring for your body and mind in pregnancy' Rosalind Powrie, Helen O'Grady, Helen Duffy

Wellbeing and technology

Understanding the effect of computer games on the wellbeing of young peopleAssoc Prof Christian Jones

Wellbeing in an Online World Wendy Golder


What is Good Work? An organisational research project analysing wellbeing indicators for over 1.2 million employees across a range of industry sectors Dr Peter Cotton

Practical Positive Parenting

Building parenting capacity and confidence: The Incredible Years in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Candice Broadbent

Positive parenting - the development of key life-skills in children Assoc Prof Rosina McAlpine-Mladenovic

Wellbeing in Ageing

Resilience and wellbeing in older adulthood: the role of purpose in life, goal pursuit, and flexible goal adjustment Dr Tim Windsor

(Un)-joining models of physical and mental health may allow a positive dimension to enter constructs of very old age Dr Patricia McCann Mortimer

Workplace System Change

Appreciative Inquiry as a process for leading school change towards Positive Education Dr Mathew White

Promoting Student Wellbeing through Pre-Service Teachers: An Integrated Educative Approach Dr Barbara Spears

Adolescent Wellbeing

Enhancing student wellbeing in schools through healthy eating and physical activity Lorna Fenech

Character strengths and wellbeing among adolescents: Evidence from the Positive Education programme at Geelong Grammar School 
Emily Toner

Self-compassion as a transdiagnostic factor in adolescent resilience and wellbeing Thomas Nehmy

Positive Psychology in Practice

Building a strong remote Anangu Community from Within 
Tracy Zilm 

Personal Wellbeing in Workplaces

STRENGTHening Conflict at Work Kathryn McEwen

Employee Wellbeing in a Click! An Onlne Cognitive Behavioural Program Chelsea Todd

Worker Health and Wellbeing Kristina Birchmore

Positive Psychology in science, in practice and in personal life

Neuroscience and the implications for wellbeing in mental health Prof Bernhard Baune

Applying Positive Psychology in General Practice Dr Tri Tuyen Cao

Positive in spite of dementia Kate Swaffer

Community Empowerment

Positive and flourishing communities are also empowered communities Glenn Laverack