Martin Seligman

Gabrielle Kelly, Director , The Office of External Relations, Department of Premier and Cabinet,
Dr. Martin Seligman and the Premier of South Australia Jay Weatherill.

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Martin Seligman: building a flourishing state

World leading psychologist and expert adviser on wellbeing at the highest level of international public policy, Dr Martin Seligman, will join forces with partners from government, business and community to drive action on wellbeing and resilience for the citizens of South Australia. 

We want to see South Australia and its citizens flourish. And we want to demonstrate that, more than just a catch phrase, flourishing is something that can be measured, taught and embedded in our state to deliver a better South Australia.

Dr Seligman's scientific rigour in the measurement of well-being and its use in driving flourishing at both the individual and state level make him the perfect catalyst for action here in South Australia.

Well-being as the driver for public policy

"As our ability to measure positive emotion, engagement, meaning, accomplishment, and positive relations improves we can ask with rigor how many people in a nation, in a city, or in a corporation are flourishing. We ask with rigor when in her lifetime an individual is flourishing. We ask with rigor if a charity is increasing the flourishing of its beneficiaries. We can ask with rigor if our school systems are helping our children flourish." (Martin Seligman, Flourish, 2011)

SA's Strategic Plan has a wellbeing measurement at its core. Dr Martin Seligman will be working with us to turn this goal into reality.

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Positive Health

"Psychology and medicine get turned on their heads when we ask about the opposite of pathology: about the strengthening effects of benevolent events. Indeed, any endeavor - nutrition, the immune system, welfare, politics, education, or ethics - that is fixated on the remedial misses this insight and does just half the job: correcting deficits while failing to build strength." (Martin Seligman, Flourish, 2011)

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Positive Education

"All young people need to learn workplace skills, which has been the subject matter of the education system for two hundred years. In addition, we can now teach the skills of well-being - of how to have more positive emotion, more meaning, better relationships, and more positive accomplishment... The aim is for young people of the next generation to flourish." (Dr Martin Seligman, Flourish, 2011)

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