Diary Summary


John McTernan’s Diary     Visit 1 Feb-Mar 2011

The following list summarises the formal meetings and engagements undertaken by John McTernan during his first visit as Adelaide Thinker in Residence. These meetings are requested by the partners who have invested in the residency and include meetings with relevant Ministers, agency or community leaders.

Week one

Introductory Briefing
Adelaide Thinkers in Residence (ATIR) Team meeting
Chief Executive, SA Health
Minister for Health
ATIR Director
Minister for Education
CE ( Chief Executive), Department of Education and Childhood Services
Health project team meeting
Future Cities Forum meeting
Head of Medicine at QEH site visit
Director, Aged & Extended Care Services
Senior Geriatrician & Head of Medicine at RAH  ( Royal Adelaide Hospital)
Chief Executive, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
Senior Geriatrician RAH
ATIR Partner meeting
Future Cities Forum
Residency Media Planning Meeting
Residency Planning meeting with Catalysts
Deputy Chief Executive, Department of Premier and Cabinet and Executive Director, Office of the Executive Committee of Cabinet

Week two

Presentation to Cabinet
Director of eGov, Dept Transport, Energy & Infrastructure
Education project team meeting
Premier’s Reception
ATIR  Management
Residency education planning meeting
Residency health planning meeting
Director Strategy & Innovation, Chief of Information Dept of Transport Energy
& Infrastructure
Blue Sky discussion with Open Australia and The Australian Centre for Social Innovation
Executive Director, Cabinet and Policy Coordinator
CEO, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation
Chief Executive, Primary Industries & Resources SA
Health project team meeting
Newly appointed CE, Dept of Education and Childhood Services
Community Engagement Officer, Office of the Executive Committee of Cabinet
Manager, Safety & Regulations Division Dept Transport Energy & Infrastructure
Older People’s Clinical Network steering committee
Public lecture planning meeting

Week three

Director, Emergency Department RAH
Premier’s Policy Advisor
Central Area Health Services QEH ( Queen Elizabeth Hospital)
Curriculum Manager Dept of Education & Children’s Services
Executive Director, Early Childhood Services
Minister for Public Sector Management
Executive Director, Office of the Executive Committee of Cabinet
Public Sector Workforce Relations
Domiciliary Care, Dept of Families and Children’s Services
Older People’s Clinical Network steering committee consumers representatives
CE, Dept Trade & Economic Development
Member for Reynell
School site visits
Minister for Multicultural Affairs
Public lecture planning meeting

Week four

Radio Adelaide interview
Minister for Environment & Conservation
ABC Radio interview
Health project team meeting
Commissioner for Integrated Design
Public Lecture
Acting CE, SA Health
Central Area Health Services Executive
Minister for Transport
Chief Executive Attorney General’s Dept
Policy Advisor to Premier
Senior Management Council- all chief executives in government departments
Director for Geriatrics RAH
Residency education planning meeting
ATIR management
Integration of health and education content planning meeting
Minister for Families & Communities
DCE Dept of the Premier and Cabinet
President of the SA Secondary Principals Association
Unley High school site visit
CE, Dept Planning and Local Government
Education project team meeting
ATIR partner meeting
President of the SA Primary Principals Association
Deputy Premier
Interview with Punch magazine
Interview with Radio 5AA
Department for Water
Director, Workforce Development, Dept for Education and Children’s Services
Acting Executive Director, Statewide Services Strategy
Minister for Road Safety and Minister for Local Government