Australian Early Development Index

The Australian Government has committed $16.9m over four years to roll out the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) in all Australian schools. The index is now implemented across South Australia to measure progress in children’s development by gathering data at a community level. Knowing how our children are doing will help us support them and their families.


The University of South Australia has developed an online course ‘Brain Development in the Early Years’ which is offered as an elective to education undergraduate and TAFE diploma students. The course commenced in 2009, with 17 students successfully completing. In 2010, interest in high with 64 enrolments. In addition, the course has been incorporated as an option as part of the 4th year upgrade for preschool teachers (who have either a 3 year qualification, or who are working in the area but who are not early childhood trained).

The University of South Australia, the Gowrie Centre and government agencies have collaborated to construct an early childhood leadership post-graduate qualification that teaches leadership in a trans-disciplinary environment. This qualification is attracting participants from across the early childhood sector.