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Past events

Reclaiming Childhood:
Children at the heart of our community

Monday 8 March
5.45pm for a 6.15pm start
Adelaide Entertainment Centre

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Join Professor Carla Rinaldi, world-renowned advocate for childhood and President of Reggio Children, as she discusses how South Australia can put children at the heart of the community.

Carla's expertise, work and experience continue to influence and inspire children's learning and growing around the world.

Carla's Adelaide residency is encouraging South Australia to question how we raise and educate our children from birth. Her residency is helping to create learning and growing experiences that are unique to the State.

Carla will discuss some of her key recommendations for the state of South Australia to adopt as it strives to provide 'Every Chance for Every Child'.

This event is a must for parents, educators and anyone interested in early childhood and its place in the community.


Martin Seligman Final Lecture
Wellbeing and Resilience: Building a flourishing state

Tuesday 19 February 2013
6pm until 7.30pm
Adelaide Entertainment Centre (Theatre)
Port Road, Hindmarsh

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Positive education, positive futures

Monday 11 February 2013
Mt Barker High School
7pm start

The video for this event will be available soon


A unique conversation about mental wellbeing

Wednesday 13 February
Memorial Hall
St Peter's College
6.50pm for a 7pm start

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Creating Productive and Healthy Organisations

Tuesday 5 February
3pm - 5pm
Bonython Hall
University of Adelaide (North Terrace Campus) 

$50 non-IPAA members
$30 IPAA members

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The Longevity Revolution
The final lecture of Dr Alexandre Kalache as Adelaide Thinker in Residence

Monday October 8
Adelaide Town Hall

View Dr Kalache's presentation for the Longevity Revolution

As generations are living for longer than they ever have before, much of the world finds itself on the cusp of a 'longevity revolution'. Policies and systems need to be put in place to support this.

The concept of ‘active ageing' is more than simply getting older. It's about ageing with the best possible quality of life. There are four basic tenets that provide the key to ageing well; they are Good Health, Lifelong Learning, Participation and Security.

When individuals and policy makers begin to look at the life course through the 'active ageing' lens, with a strong focus on the 'four pillars', we begin to build a society for all ages.

The video of this presentation will be made available here soon.


Prof Carla Rinaldi Opening Lecture

Adelaide Entertainment Centre (Theatre)
6pm, Tuesday 27 March 2012

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The Science of Wellbeing
More than the absence of illness

Friday 24 February 2012
Hilton Adelaide
8.00am registration for 9.00am start

View Martin Seligman's keynote presentation

Wellbeing before Learning
Flourishing students, successful schools

This full day conference will explore theoretical and practical approaches to embed positive psychology into schools and early childhood services.

Monday 27 February 2012
Adelaide Convention Centre
South Australia

View Martin Seligman's keynote presentation.


Martin Seligman's Inaugural Lecture
Positive Psychology for a flourishing state

Wednesday 8 February 2012
Adelaide Festival Theatre



John McTernan's Final Lecture
Delivering more effective public service

2 November 2011, Allan Scott Auditorium, UniSA
With increasing pressure on budgets, in his final public lecture, John McTernan discussed how governments can become more effective while improving relationships with the community.  John's residency focused on policy development around caring for the elderly and parents’ involvement in their children's education. 

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Paul Hawken
Business Survival: A sustainable and profitable model

20 October 2011, Palace Cinemas
Businesses hold the future of the planet in their hands.  Fundamental notions about commerce and its role in shaping our future are transforming, and far-sighted companies are seizing the opportunity to not only survive but prosper. To move forward in a way that is both sustainable and profitable, what will business look like? What will it take to get there, and what is the role of government in facilitating that transition?

Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author. His work includes starting ecological businesses, writing about the impact of commerce on living systems, and consulting with heads of state and CEOs on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy.



Thinkers Return Series
'Playing the Long Game: balancing the needs of the future against the ever-demanding present'

5 October 2011, Adelaide Convention Centre
Three of Adelaide's Thinkers in Residence joined Premier Mike Rann in a fast-paced 'no holds barred' forum. Watch the video

Societies are focused on the now. We are faster, busier, more distracted. The pace of technology and information is blinding. Business needs short-term results. Planning beyond electoral cycles is harder and harder.


Professor Göran Roos Final Lecture
What does the future hold for manufacturing in South Australia?

27 September 2011, Adelaide Town Hall
In his final public lecture, Göran Roos discussed the state of our manufacturing industry and what we have to do to strengthen or change, not only to survive but to thrive! Watch the video from this lecture.


A Conversation with Alexander Kalache

8 June 2011, Elder Hall
In this informal conversation Dr Kalache discussed his thoughts and experiences and explained what it means and what it takes to be an Age Friendly City. Watch the video


Fred Hansen's Final Lecture
What does a world expert on transport think about our future city?

29 March 2011, Adelaide Town Hall
Fred Hansen discussed his findings and recommendations for transit-orientated developments and his ideas on integrating transport networks and land use in South Australia. Watch the video from this lecture.


John McTernan's First Public Lecture

Delivering a more effective public service

7 March 2011, Mercury Cinema

John McTernan is a recognised leader in public policy, advising governments areound the world on how to better develop and deliver public service. Watch the video from this lecture.


Professor Fred Wegman's Final Lecture
Driving down the road toll: Building a Safer System

15 February 2011, Adelaide Town Hall
Confronting the challenge of a possible plateau in road fatalities in South Australia, Fred Wegman aimed to deliver proven, credible and systematic road safety recommendations across the whole road system. Watch the video from this lecture.


Professor Göran Roos First Lecture
Manufacturing into the future

8 February 2011, Elder Hall
The first public lecture in Professor Göran Roos' residency discussed the positive future of manufacturing in South Australia. Watch the video 


Professor Fred Wegman's First Lecture
Driving Down the Road Toll

13 May 2010, Bonython Hall
At the beginning of his residency, this public lecture was South Australia's first opportunity to hear from Professor Fred Wegman speaking about road safety. Watch the video.


Listen to an audio recording of this lecture


Thinkers Return Series
Think Again! Time to recover or time to change? 

13 April 2010, Adelaide Convention Centre
Financial collapse, pandemic, natural disaster, uncertainty, systems failure… After a crisis, what comes next? Fran Kelly, host of ABC’s Radio National Breakfast, joined three of Adelaide’s past and current Thinkers in Residence as they shared their insights in an energetic and fast-paced forum. 
Dr Geoff Mulgan (UK), Director of The Young Foundation and an expert on social and organisational innovation.
Professor Ilona Kickbusch (Switzerland), known throughout the world for her contributions to innovation in public health, health promotion and global health. 
Judge Peggy Fulton Hora (USA), renowned problem-solving judge and leading thinker on smart justice.

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Judge Peggy Fulton Hora's Final Lecture
It Pays to Deliver Smart Justice

20 April 2010, Adelaide Town Hall
Adelaide Thinker in Residence, Judge Peggy Fulton Hora is a legal innovator and global leader in the problem-solving courts movement. A Judge of the California Superior Court for 21 years, Peggy lectures internationally and writes extensively on justice issues. Casting a fresh and insightful eye on South Australia’s justice system, Peggy has found that being ‘tough on crime’ alone is not enough to build safer communities. Smart Justice is a fair, timely and cost effective approach to justice. Could this be the answer we’re looking for? 

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