Residency 2009-10

“People don’t want to be stuck in cars - they want to have choices,” Fred Hansen. 

Integrating transport into a city provides much more than the ability to get from A to B.
Fred Hansen’s residency aims to help Adelaide grow as a liveable, sustainable and productive city that creates opportunities and lifestyle for its people through transport.

Fred Hansen has delivered his final lecture, completing the final visit of his residency.  Fred has now retuned to Portland, Oregon, USA to write his final report.  With a strong interest in his recommendations, we aim to have his report completed this year.

See video of this lecture

Vibrant cities walking tour

During one of his visits, Fred Hansen was taken on a wallking tour of the CBD designed to show the work that was being done to revitalise and activate Adelaide, and to encourage, and support young creative entrepreneurs to remain in the state. This tour was organised by the Thinkers' office with the assistance of Josh Fanning (Co-founder and Editor of Collect magazine and curator of Magazine Gallery) and Dr Ianto Ware (Renew Adelaide).

Fred Hansen believes that a sustained, vibrant arts community is essential to creating an environment where people want to live and is essential for broader economic development. This sentiment has been shared by other Thinkers in Residence, Dr Charles Landry, Fraser Mustard, Genevieve Bell, John McTernan and Goran Roos.

On his last visit to Adelaide in February, Fred Hansen invited the Premier and Adelaide Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood on this walking tour. It was seen as a great success, exposing them to the tireless work occurring under the radar in Adelaide. Since then the Thinkers' office has organised other tours and is working with government agencies, private businesses, Renew Adelaide and Collect Magazine to pursue opportunities in supporting this activity.