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Thinkers Return Oct11 Part 2of2

Laura Lee - Global Leadership

Laura Lee - Sustainability in South Australia

Laura Lee - Intelligent Investment in Design

Alexandre Kalache: Age friendly cities

Tribute to Fraser Mustard

Göran Roos Final Public Lecture Sep11

Ilona Kickbusch - SA's Health In All Policies Approach

Fred Hansen: Active spaces

Fred Hansen: Diversity and community

Fred Wegman: Driver education

Who is Alexandre Kalache

Laura Lee - Buildings

Fred Hansen: Lifestyle

Göran Roos: Economic Manufacturing Q&A/Conclusion

Thinkers Return Oct11, Part 1of2

Genevieve Bell - Australians' knowledge of technology

Fred Wegman: Younger drivers

Alexandre Kalache: Idealised past

Genevieve Bell - Technology framework

Adelaide Thinkers in Residence